Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic Services

At Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic your pet is part of our family! That's why we offer advanced on-site diagnostics and quality care for your pet.

In-House Laboratory Analysis

Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic has in-house blood chemistry and automated hematology analyzers which allow us to obtain immediate results in critical situations.

Internal Medicine

We recommend a complete physical exam for your pet on a yearly basis.  Lots of changes can occur from year to year, especially as your pet gets older. Preventative health care recommendations are made based on examination findings and your pet’s individual needs and situation, which you help us to determine.  This may include blood, urine, or fecal tests, vaccinations, dietary or exercise advice, and life-style changes.

Advanced X-ray Technology

Our modern X-Ray equipment ensures your pet has minimal exposure to radiation, while our automatic processor produces clear, quality films. Within minutes, we can have your pet's X-rays taken, processed and ready for interpretation by our doctors.


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