Fleas and ticks cause a good deal of distress when a dog or cat is affected by them. If your pet has been scratching and biting at its coat, your pet may need a flea treatment or tick prevention product. Contact Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic in Quartz Hill, CA, to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians if your pet is suffering from a parasite problem.

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Signs Your Pet Has Fleas or Ticks

There are a few warning signs that indicate it is time to bring your dog or cat to one of our veterinarians for an evaluation. Most pets will suffer from itchiness if they have fleas. When fleas walk around on your pet’s body, it can cause him to stop what he is doing to scratch his skin immediately. Some pets also suffer from allergic reactions when fleas bite. This is usually in the form of flesh wounds and scabs where the parasites have latched onto the skin. When a pet has ticks, he will likely feel pain at the sites where the parasites are located. The ticks will frequently feed off a pet’s blood and the parasites will get bigger as a result.

How to Avoid A Parasite Problem

The best way to protect your pet from parasites is with flea treatment and parasite prevention medication. This can be acquired from one of our veterinarians. Also, you can tend to your yard and home’s interior to minimize the potential of a parasite infestation for your pet. Tend to your lawn regularly to trim it down so pests have fewer places to hide. Check your dog or cat for fleas and ticks before you allow him back into your home. Inside, keep up with routine vacuuming, sweeping, and bedding laundering.