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Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic offers advanced veterinary surgical procedures such as “cruciate repair”, which is a very common injury found in dogs. Traumatic cruciate damage is caused by a twisting injury to the knee joint. This is most often seen in dogs when running and suddenly changing direction so that the majority of the weight is taken on the knee joint. Just as in humans, the knee joint is then unstable and causes extreme pain, often resulting in lameness. The injury also occurs commonly in obese dogs, just by stumbling over a pebble while walking. A more chronic form of cruciate damage can occur due to weakening of the ligaments as a result of disease. The condition can be successfully treated with a surgical procedure known as TPLO.

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Canine cranial cruciate ligament injury is a very common trauma dogs experience. There are vast amounts of information about this type of condition on the internet. There are also many opinions as to the best way to treat these cases. We believe for most cases that a surgical correction is the best approach to resolve the condition and return your dog to soundness Many patients do heal without surgery, but with varying degrees of success. Often, allowing these joints to heal without surgery, results in some discomfort and even painful stifle joints over the lifespan of these pets. There are many surgical corrections available that attempt to restore function to your dog’s rear limbs. We focus on TPLO’s (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) as our primary method of surgically stabilizing a cranial ligament deficient stifle joint.

After extensive training, Dr. Biggerstaff began performing TPLO’s in 2006. The results have been incredibly exciting. We are finding dogs returning to soundness much sooner than with the traditional “lateral suture” technique. Dr. Biggerstaff invites dog owners to be very thorough in learning all that is available for the care of a dog with a cranial cruciate injury. Dr. Biggerstaff has had many years of experience with these types of cases and consults with board certified surgeons regularly to discuss new innovations in surgical repair and treatment of this condition. Our fee structure is reflective of our smaller community and office that is appealing to many people. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.